Bliss Indie Game Devlog #03 | New Inventory, Gold, and Shop System. Enemy Boss AI and More!
Wishlist Bliss on Steamm Join our Discord server: Combat System Demo Devlog #03, this one has a little bit of everything. 0:00 Intro 0:13 Inventory Update (All) open, move, drop items 1:02 Addition of gold system 1:40 Shop System (Sell and Buy items) 2:22 Rage Mode (ADDED) 3:20 Dragon Slayer 3:41 The Ork prototype and new animations 4:35 Dodge Update (Don’t take damage) 4:56 Main menu update 5:31 Remake inventory + HUD 6:23 Air Attacks + Jumping 6:59 Consumables (potions) Potions+ Rage mode 8:14 Ork Update (Attacks pushing you away, Second Phase faster and stronger attacks) Enemies Rotating when Attacking 9:16 Die menu sends you to main menu or Last check point 10:10 Checkpoints & Portals to travel to different levels Music: Kumi Tanioka - An Ordinary Day Dan Romer - Now That This Old World Is Ending Kumi Tanioka - Floating Dream Battle of Souls A Bonfire of Dreams Cover Remix By Grazel