Crafting The Perfect Controls for my Cozy Builder Game | Lueur Devlog #1 | Indie game in Godot
Can Strategy and Management games really be enjoyable with a Game Pad or Handheld console? Well it can! If you design them with that in mind from the beginning. Let's see how I design my builder game to be played with gamepads and handheld consoles like the nintendo switch and the steam deck. In this devlog, we explore the design of Lueur, a strategy and management game that is easy to understand and can be played with a gamepad, handheld consoles, and more. We discuss how strategy games are usually played on computers and can be clunky to control on consoles, but Lueur is designed to be minimal and has only one game mechanic. We also talk about the importance of having a "character" and using diegetic elements instead of menus and tooltips. If you're interested in game design and want to learn more about creating games for small screens and gamepads, be sure to check out this devlog. Lueur is a minimalist and relaxing tactical building game about bringing back light to the world. Wishlist the game on Steam: Chapters: 00:00 Is this a good idea? 00:47 Strategy game with a gamepad? 01:41 Few game mechanics and systems 03:00 Have a "character" 04:27 Use Diegetic elements 07:59 Strength of the Game Pad 09:40 That's my face! 🍻 Join the discord: ✉️ Receive the monthly newsletter: Don't forget to follow me on your favorite social media ⬇️ 🔗 ☕ Support me and get bonus contents : Games shown in the video: Lueur LOWREZJAM VERSION: Total War : Three Kingdoms Fire Emblem : Three Houses Frostpunk Endzone : A World Apart Rise Of Industry Goblin Commander Rocket Knight Adventure #devlog #gamedev #citybuilder #indiegame #godot #godotengine #indiegamedev #gamedevelopment #indiedev #godot #godotengine #nintendoswitch #steamdeck #buildergame #lueur #indiegame
Ex Ubisoft Game Designer gone Indie and sharing his journey. The bulk of my channel will be game devlogs with three goals: Entertain, Educate and Inform. This channel is as much for Video Game Enthusiasts than Game Developers. We will be talking about game design, game development, business, marketing, lifestyle, programming with Godot or other game engines, tutorials, pixel art, low poly art.
Lueur and the Dim Settlers
Currently working on Lueur and the Dim Settlers
Miniature survival builder perfect for short and relaxing gaming sessions. Rebuild and manage your realm, collect resources and decide the fate of your people. Explore the darkness and unveil the secrets of the black monoliths to bring back light to the world.