Remember Ratchet & Clank ? I made it in 2 DAYS!
------ UNITY NAVMESH ------ Navmesh Documentation: AI Pathfinding for Navmesh Beginners: Today I decided to recreate one of my favourite PlayStation Games: Ratchet & Clank. I had only 48 hours to do this! Why you make ask ? well its more fun. I decided to make this game in the Unity engine, and ended up creating player movement, 2 types of weapons a BOSS and much much more. ------Play the Game------ ------My Personal Links------ Discord: Instagram: Twitch: Twitter: -----Time Stamps------ 0:00 - Intro 0:17 - Making RACHET 1:02 - Creating Weapons 1:48 - Unity Navmesh 2:59 - Day 2 ( I got distracted) 3:56 - UI 4:06 - BOSS TIME 4:56 - Final Product 5:19 - Outro
Hey , my name is Zyger I'm a 19 year old student and I make games and program. (When I'm not lazy) I'm currently working on a game called Project Jude and creating devlog videos of the making process. I also make other game development related videos that I suggest you check out. Anyways hope you enjoy my content and i hope you have a good day or night depending on when or if your reading this. That's it bye :')
Push Me If You Can
Currently working on Push Me If You Can
Push Me (if you can) ! Is a 2D platformer where your goal is to push other players into the rising lava! Use items to eliminate others while staying alive. Play fast paced games with your Friends locally or through Steams remote play. Discover new maps and become the best PUSHER out there!
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