How to Make an Online Level Save & Load System in Unity - Part 2
➤LootLocker: ➤ LootLocker SDK: ➤ Part 1: ➤Level Editor Tutorial: ➤Assets Used in Video: ➤Source Code: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In this tutorial I will be showing you how to turn your level editor into something players can save and load. Players will be able to edit a level and then choose whether they want to upload it online. During this process they will give the level a name and a screenshot of the level will be taken. This is then uploaded online to lootlocker. Users in the game will then be able to view all uploaded levels and load and play any of them. At the end you will have an awesome universal Level Editor download and upload system. That can be changed and easily implemented into your project. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Source Code: https: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Discord: Instagram: Twitch: Twitter: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ➤WISHLIST MY GAME: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----Time Stamps------ 0:00 - Intro 0:13 - UI Setup 1:28 - Level Data Entry Prefab 6:02 - Level Download System 10:29 - Level Manager 15:21 - Final Unity Setup 16:42 - Testing
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