ChatGPT Makes A Physics Engine
4 moths ago I made a physics engine. But today ChatGPT will make one and we will compare the both. Which is better human vs A.I. This engine will include rigidbodies, collisions, collision resolution, thrust, gravity, acceleration, velocity, bouncing, friction, UI and more. Me Making a Physics Engine: ➤My Links: Discord: Instagram: Twitch: Twitter: Patreon: ➤Similar Videos: jdh - Making my web game engine - Guilherme Teres - I Made a GAME ENGINE in 30 HOURS! (from Scratch) - n8dev - I Made My Own Game Engine - ➤Ignore: I created my own physics engine engine. I tried implementing as many features as I could. And tried to make it as best as I can. So today I created a physics engine using only ChatGPT to see which engine is better. I started by giving it a base project that can render things in 3D. It can also manage gameobject, textures, materials, lighting and more base stuff. I started by asking it to create a rigidbody class which is mandatory in physics engines. It basically will house all of our physics stuff for our game objects. I then moved onto creating UI that will more easily allow me to control objects and things about the scene. Then I moved onto collisions including collision detection, resolution and more. Then I moved onto implementing other features to do with physics like gravity for objects, velocity, acceleration thrust and more. All of which was involved with the previously made rigidbody class. I did a bunch more stuff in between Finally I added some camera controls, optimizations and the engine was finished. #gamedev #zyger #gameengine
Hey , my name is Zyger I'm a 19 year old student and I make games and program. (When I'm not lazy) I'm currently working on a game called Project Jude and creating devlog videos of the making process. I also make other game development related videos that I suggest you check out. Anyways hope you enjoy my content and i hope you have a good day or night depending on when or if your reading this. That's it bye :')
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