Grenade Physics & Trajectory in Unity (Grenade Throwing Tutorial)
We're going to learn how to throw grenades in Unity. We'll look at creating a grenade prefab, creating a script to control the explosion delay, particle systems, sound of impacts and explosions. Then we will look at throwing the grenade with physics, forces and sound effects to create a realistic arc throw for the grenade. We'll look at pushing other physics objects using Explosion force and finally adding a line renderer to create grenade trajectory. ➡️Full Project: ➡️Scripts: ➡️HQ Realistic Explosions: ➡️M67 Grenade Free: ➡️Grenade Sound FX FREE: 🎁 Get OVER 190+ Scripts, Projects and premium content on my PATREON HERE: ➡️ ························································································· 🔥 INSANE UNITY SAVINGS: 🕹️Unity Sales: 🕹️SpeedTutor Unity Store: 🕹️Quick-Start Bundle: 🕹️Weekly Publisher Sale (+FREE Asset): 🕹️Unity New Release Discount Sale: 🔥 INSANE HUMBLE SAVINGS: 🕹️Unity Hidden Gems Bundle: 🕹️Summer VR Bundle: 🕹️Complete Guide to AI & ChatGPT: 🔥Unity Materials / Files & More: 🕹️Synty Assets: 🕹️CGAxis PBR Deals: 🔥 UNITY SUBSCRIPTIONS: 🕹️Unity Plus: 🕹️Unity Pro: ························································································· 💰BIG DISCOUNTS on my website, for my UNITY ASSETS: ➡️ 💬Join the Community Discord: ➡️ 💝 Make a donation to the channel: ➡️ ························································································· 00:00 Intro 00:36 Assets Used 01:12 Creating Grenade Prefab 02:58 Start of the Grenade Script 05:49 Blowing Up Other Rigidbodies 07:17 Testing Our First Grenade 07:36 Start of the Throwing Script 14:05 Testing the Grenade Throw 15:45 Adding Explosion Sound Effect 19:46 Adding Impact Sounds 20:53 Sound Effects for Grenade Thrower Script - Audio Manager 22:37 Adding Pull Pin & Throwing Sound Effect 23:53 Adjusting the Grenade Physics 25:37 Adding the Trajectory Line using the Line Renderer 30:26 Testing Our Trajectory Line ························································································· ⬇️ SpeedTutor Puzzle Assets: 🧩Unity Store: 🧩My Website Discounts: ⬇️ SpeedTutor Best Selling Assets: 🧩Adventure Puzzle Kit: 🧩 Note & Letter System: 🧩Examine System: 🧩Keypad System: ⬇️SpeedTutor Model Packs: 🧩Unity Store: 🧩My Website Discounts: My Assets include: Gas Mask, Flashlight, Generator, Themed Key , Padlock, Phone, Chess Puzzle, Lever, Valve Puzzle, Fuse Box & Safe Systems. Cardboard, Debris, Massive Models and more! ························································································ ⭐ Connect with me: 💬| Discord: 🐦| Twitter: 📱 | Facebook: 🖥 | Website: ······················································································· #SpeedTutor #Unity #GrenadeThrow
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