This is the showcase of the FREE Outline effect shader for Built-In Pipeline. This asset allows you to either create a outline or a silhouette, through or over the top of 3D objects, it's easy to customise and even easier to program with simple C# command! Supports: Sprite/Line/Mesh renderer support, HDR support (useful for bloom, etc...), Alpha cutout option, Additive outline rendering option, Merged outline between renderers (or you can add outlines between different colors), Erase option to keep outlines behind specific renderers, Per renderer color support (up to three different colors) ➡️Outline Effect: ➡️Highlight Plus: ➡️Ultimate Outlines: ➡️URP Outline: ➡️URP Objects Through Walls: 🎁 Get OVER 200+ Scripts, Projects and premium content on my PATREON HERE: ➡️ ························································································· 🔥 INSANE UNITY SAVINGS: 🕹️Unity Sales: 🕹️SpeedTutor Unity Store: 🕹️Quick-Start Bundle: 🕹️Weekly Publisher Sale (+FREE Asset): 🕹️Unity New Release Discount Sale: 🔥 FANATICAL GAMEDEV BUNDLES: 🕹️Build Your Own Unity Mega Assets Bundle: 🕹️25 Unity Game Tutorial Bundle: 🕹️Beginner Game Dev Tutorials: 🕹️Unity AI & Development Bundle: 🕹️Unity Programming Tutorial Bundle: 🕹️Game Engine Tutorials Bundle: 🔥 INSANE HUMBLE SAVINGS: 🕹️Fantasy & Scifi Unity Bundle: 🕹️Mega Music Bundle: 🕹️City Builder Game Bundle: 🕹️Turn Based RPG Game Bundle: 🔥Synty Discounts & Savings: 🔥 UNITY SUBSCRIPTIONS: 🕹️Unity Plus: 🕹️Unity Pro: ························································································· 💰BIG DISCOUNTS on my website, for my UNITY ASSETS: ➡️ 💬Join the Community Discord: ➡️ 💝 Make a donation to the channel: ➡️ ························································································· 00:00 Intro 01:21 Github page & notes 01:48 Installing via Package Manager 02:02 Setup in your scene 03:13 Customising the outline ························································································· ⬇️ SpeedTutor Puzzle Assets: 🧩Unity Store: 🧩My Website Discounts: ⬇️ SpeedTutor Best Selling Assets: 🧩Adventure Puzzle Kit: 🧩 Note & Letter System: 🧩Examine System: 🧩Keypad System: ⬇️SpeedTutor Model Packs: 🧩Unity Store: 🧩My Website Discounts: My Assets include: Gas Mask, Flashlight, Generator, Themed Key , Padlock, Phone, Chess Puzzle, Lever, Valve Puzzle, Fuse Box & Safe Systems. Cardboard, Debris, Massive Models and more! ························································································ ⭐ Connect with me: 💬| Discord: 🐦| Twitter: 📱 | Facebook: 🖥 | Website: ······················································································· #SpeedTutor #Unity #
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