Creating an FPS Controller in Unity (Movement, Footsteps, Jumping)
In this Unity tutorial we'll be creating a First Person Controller, which is always a great way to test out scenarios, games and scenes - You sometimes need something that can easily be dropped into your projects and used. We'll be writing this from scratch and will incorporate movement, inputs, sprinting, jumping, footsteps and sounds. We'll also randomize those so we never hear the same footstep. ➡️FPSController Script: ➡️FPSController Project: ➡️Lock Cursor Tutorial: ➡️CharacterController Component: ➡️Creating ThirdPersonController In-Depth Tutorial: ➡️Creating ThirdPersonController Synty Tutorial: 🎁Unity Game Dev Summer Sale: 🎁Best Assets You Need (Inc Summer Sale): 🎁Fantasy & Scifi Unity Bundle: 🎁Humble Spectacular Sounds Video: 🎁 Get OVER 195+ Scripts, Projects and premium content on my PATREON HERE: ➡️ ························································································· 🔥 INSANE UNITY SAVINGS: 🕹️Unity Sales: 🕹️SpeedTutor Unity Store: 🕹️Quick-Start Bundle: 🕹️Weekly Publisher Sale (+FREE Asset): 🕹️Unity New Release Discount Sale: 🔥 INSANE HUMBLE SAVINGS: 🕹️Fantasy & Scifi Unity Bundle: 🕹️10K Sound bundle: 🕹️Solo GameDev Tutorials: 🕹️Math for Programmers Bundle: 🕹️Best Space Game Bundle: 🔥Unity Materials / Files & More: 🕹️Synty Assets: 🕹️CGAxis PBR Deals: 🔥 UNITY SUBSCRIPTIONS: 🕹️Unity Plus: 🕹️Unity Pro: ························································································· 💰BIG DISCOUNTS on my website, for my UNITY ASSETS: ➡️ 💬Join the Community Discord: ➡️ 💝 Make a donation to the channel: ➡️ ························································································· 00:00 Intro 00:52 CharacterController Page 01:09 Creating the FPSController GameObject 02:26 Creating Horizontal & Vertical Movement 04:27 Finding Input References / Names 06:37 Scripting Camera Rotation 10:12 Scripting Sprinting 11:58 Locking Mouse Cursor 12:17 Scripting Jumping 15:28 Scripting Footstep Sounds ························································································· ⬇️ SpeedTutor Puzzle Assets: 🧩Unity Store: 🧩My Website Discounts: ⬇️ SpeedTutor Best Selling Assets: 🧩Adventure Puzzle Kit: 🧩 Note & Letter System: 🧩Examine System: 🧩Keypad System: ⬇️SpeedTutor Model Packs: 🧩Unity Store: 🧩My Website Discounts: My Assets include: Gas Mask, Flashlight, Generator, Themed Key , Padlock, Phone, Chess Puzzle, Lever, Valve Puzzle, Fuse Box & Safe Systems. Cardboard, Debris, Massive Models and more! ························································································ ⭐ Connect with me: 💬| Discord: 🐦| Twitter: 📱 | Facebook: 🖥 | Website: ······················································································· #SpeedTutor #Unity #FirstPersonController
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