Creating An Insect Swarm With Boid Functions | Pep-Pel Devlog
0:00 intro 0:47 why add boids? 2:23 basic rules of the boids 3:11 creation of boids in game 6:08 boid movement 8:23 how the boids act in a mass pile 10:09 boids finding if they are inside or outside of polygon collider 14:17 boid visuals 17:00 thats is devlog over gamedev​​ #devlog​​ indiedev​ ​​ unity​ unity2d​ unity, 2d platformer, solo devlog, solo dev, sprites, tileable, sprite shapes, 2d lighting ,Boid, boid ai
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Run through each level as Pep-Pel! a goofy red goblin thing. In this beautifully hand drawn game. play through tons of fast-paced and difficult levels, each with there own challenge to master!