Adding Parallax Scrolling | Pep-Pel Devlog
Oops my game is too backgrounds now 🐦 Twitter 📸 Instagram 🎮 Play my prototypes 0:00 one 0:34 how does it work? 4:27 background design 8:15 Background drawings 9:15 2D lighting 10:39 end of video haha gamedev​​ #devlog​​ indiedev​ ​​ unity​ unity2d​ unity, 2d platformer, solo devlog, solo dev, background, parallax scrolling, background scrolling
i mak e game
Currently working on Pep-Pel
Run through each level as Pep-Pel! a goofy red goblin thing. In this beautifully hand drawn game. play through tons of fast-paced and difficult levels, each with there own challenge to master!