2D Zip Line System | Pep-Pel Devlog

in this devlog i create a new zip line / 2d grind rail system, for the player to swing through and hang onto 2d zip lines, in a similar way to grind rails i have created in the past 🐦 Twitter https://twitter.com/SlugGlove 📸 Instagram https://www.instagram.com/slugglove/ 🎮 Play my prototypes https://slugglove.itch.io/ 0:00 intro 0:57 why make this 1:48 Rope logic 3:58 why is this made 7:50 leaving ropes 8:43 video over :) gamedev​​ #devlog​​ indiedev​ ​​ unity​ unity2d​ unity, 2d platformer, solo devlog, solo dev, zip line, zip-line, grind rail, grind-rail, ropes
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Run through each level as Pep-Pel! a goofy red goblin thing. In this beautifully hand drawn game. play through tons of fast-paced and difficult levels, each with there own challenge to master!