Indie Game Devlog - New Art, NPCs, & More!
Thanks for watching! Bitlands is now on Steam! Go check out the steam page: Anyone can play Bitlands now! Play the current version of the game (demo) for free on Join the community on discord! Discord: Support me over on Patreon to become a Beta Tester & get special access! Thanks to StraightUpGruntled for the Main Menu Music, and thanks to Mutater for the improved Logo Art! The music in this video is composed by me. I'm currently accepting commissions for music! If you're interested, send me an email! Work Email: Intro 0:00-0:32 Main Menu & Logo 0:32-1:03 The Swamplands 1:03-4:03 The Crystal Caverns 4:03-5:37 The Ashlands 5:37