Is It POSSIBLE To Fix My Open World Game After THIS!? (Dream Game Devlog)
3 years of development only to fail at the finish line...can we fix our game to release successfully? To try everything Brilliant has to offer—free—for a full 30 days, visit The first 200 of you will get 20% off Brilliant’s annual premium subscription. WISHLIST MONSTER TRIBE on Steam: SOCIAL LINKS Discord Server: Twitter:​ Instagram:​ Pokémon meets Zelda Breath of the Wild in this entirely new adventure being developed. Catch monsters, level up from battling, collect rare resources, and explore vastly different landscapes in this open-world monster catcher experience! Monster Tribe's Cool Features: - Turn-Based Team Combat - Dungeon Crawler Elements - Collectible Monsters - Open-World Exploration - Leveling Up, Morphing, and Modifying Creatures NEW Monster Tribe Devlog Video about the struggles of player experience and information overload in an open world exploration RPG Game. Let's learn how I solved the problems and challenges I faced when submitting my game for a final review to my publishers over at Freedom Games! This video was sponsored by Brilliant! MONSTER TRIBE DEVLOG RECOMMENDATIONS: How I Designed the Perfect Open World for my Dream RPG Game - Monster Tribe Devlog HOW I MADE Over $50,000 in 1 Year of Full-Time Game Development They DESTROYED my Open World RPG Game! (Dream Game Devlog) #MonsterTribe​​ #devlog​​​ #gamedev​​ #indiedev​ #pixelart​​ #gamemaker​​ #gamedevelopment​ #gaming #brilliant
Full-time Game Developer / Pixel Artist looking to light the path of professional game dev for aspiring developers.
Monster Tribe
Currently working on Monster Tribe
Explore an island filled with collectible creatures, a vast and varied wilderness, and dangerous towers on your way to restoring harmony with the land of Akama.