My FIRST Steam game: Mech Shuffle! | New Roguelite Mech Deck Builder
Available on Steam: Like Mechs? Like Deck Builders? Like Mech-Deck Builders!? Choose your MECH, choose your PILOT, and defend your planet from invasion using giant machines of war. Salvage improved weapons and defense systems for your MECH, learn new and improved PILOT skills, and make difficult decisions as you scout the battlefield and repel the invaders! Mech Shuffle is a mech themed deck builder with difficult decisions, card upgrades, and more. Mix and match pilots and mechs in this roguelite to craft a unique deck. Scout the battlefield, secure the beachhead, and repel the invasion! Mech Shuffle is a new indie game releasing on Steam in early access. With inspiration drawn from Guild of Dungeoneering, Slay the Spire, and the Mechwarrior and Battletech games.
Matthew Parker is the lead developer for Pill Bug Games, a Canadian indie game duo making various sci-fi, space, and mech games. Games In Early Access: - Mech Shuffle ( Games In Active Development: - Drop Command - Mech Shuffle Games Released - Lost Stars (
Mech Shuffle
Currently working on Mech Shuffle
Mech Shuffle is a unique perfect information card battler. Choose your PILOT and your MECH to build your deck. Earn new weapons and upgrades, discover and master deep game mechanics. Scout the battlefield, secure the beachhead, and repel the invasion! Test your skills in Multiplayer Ranked Play!