Know Your Abilities - Patch Quest
Patch Quest is fun but it can become incredibly challenging. Knowing how to use your Monsters' abilities is one of the keys to fully tackle Patchlantis and what challenges it offers. In this video you'll get to know about passive and active abilities. What are they? and how can you make best use of them? Support Lemon, the one-man developer behind Patch Quest, by sharing this video with a friend and leaving us a review once you've played the game! If you don't have Patch Quest yet, you can get it (or wishlist it) on Steam! ▶ For daily dev news, or to get involved in the design process, check out the Discord server: ▶ And you can follow development on Twitter, too: ▶ Thanks for following along with Patch Quest development! :D
Patch Quest
Currently working on Patch Quest
In a labyrinth surrounded by vicious monsters, Explorers must rely on their Lasso to survive! Capture and tame ANY monster to leap, glide, surf, tunnel and websling through a treacherous, patchwork maze. This roguelike/metroidvania seems cute, but it’s a deceptively difficult bullet-hell challenge!