How to make a Game (and actually FINISH it!)
Patch Quest is on Steam - Join the Discord Server - All the music used in this video... Outset Island (QuMu Remix) | The Wind Waker Just a Little More (DarkeSword Remix) | Metroid Prime The Forest Navel | Pikmin Corridors of Time | Chrono Trigger King of Kling | Donkey Kong Country Returns Stickerbush Symphony | Donkey Kong Country 3 Main Theme | Autonauts J-Type (Nostalvania Remix) | Tetris Hill Zone Theme | Patch Quest Working | Spacechem Greenpath | Hollow Knight Lilypads | Subnautica Below Zero Gerudo Valley | Ocarina of Time Lost Technology | Patch Quest Ocean Theme | The Wind Waker
Patch Quest
Currently working on Patch Quest
In a labyrinth surrounded by vicious monsters, Explorers must rely on their Lasso to survive! Capture and tame ANY monster to leap, glide, surf, tunnel and websling through a treacherous, patchwork maze. This roguelike/metroidvania seems cute, but it’s a deceptively difficult bullet-hell challenge!