Five New Jurassic Mounts! (Roguevania Devlog #22 - Patch Quest)
This month's changes have been uploaded to the new Experimental Branch on Steam. To see how to opt in, check out 11:23 Patch Quest is now available on Steam! (for PC) ▶ For daily dev news, check out the Discord server: ▶ And you can follow development on Twitter, too: ▶ Thanks for following along with Patch Quest development! :D
Patch Quest
Currently working on Patch Quest
In a labyrinth surrounded by vicious monsters, Explorers must rely on their Lasso to survive! Capture and tame ANY monster to leap, glide, surf, tunnel and websling through a treacherous, patchwork maze. This roguelike/metroidvania seems cute, but it’s a deceptively difficult bullet-hell challenge!