Planning the FIRST Closed Beta! | Zoo Strikers Devlog 5
Zoo Strikers is an online 3D platformer/shooter game I'm making in Unity! In this Devlog we are getting ready for the first closed beta! !! Subscribe for more game development updates! To get into the beta click on the link below, it will take you to the steam page for zoo strikers! Click on the community hub in the top right and look for our discord post with the link to the discord. Once in the discord look for the "Closed-beta-updates" channel and give the post there a thumbs up. You will then be on the closed beta list! CLOSED BETA LINK: Blender Normal Maps Tutorial: Unity URP Explosion Tutorial: Follow me on Twitter for more game dev log stuff: Follow Alex on Twitter: 0:00 intro 0:32 Making the Hub Train 1:30 Making Pots/Vases 2:19 Tutorial Level 3:00 Vertex Painting 3:44 New Character Designs 4:34 New Move 5:56 Making the Items 9:47 HOW TO JOIN THE BETA #Devlog​ #IndieDev​ #zoostrikers #IndieGame​ #Multiplayer​ #3dplatformer #platformer #GameDevelopment​ #Unity​ #Unity3D​ #MadeWithUnity #dev #log #GuerrillaCollective #direct