Making a FUN Loading screen is HARD! | Zoo Strikers Devlog 7 (3D Platformer)
Not really but its a good title hehe. Zoo Strikers is a 3D platformer with shooting and multiplayer! Made in Unity with fusion! The next devlog is going to be a BIG catch up episode since there was so much time between this devlog and the last! It'll be structured much more like a GMTK developing video where I show where were at and how we got here, much less of going through the development process with me in 'real time'! Hopefully it won't take a year to make it! Have great day my Unity Heads! Bigs Hops: Big Hops Steam (Wishlist it!): LOD Tutorial: URP Blur Shader: Follow me on Twitter for more game dev log stuff: Follow Alex on Twitter: 0:00 Intro 0:23 Where we've been 1:14 Designing the Loading Screen 3:00 Implementing the Loading Screen into Unity 3:23 Loading Screen MUSIC! 4:19 Optimizing the Animations and LODS! 5:49 Finished LODS test 6:16 Movement Updates 7:18 Most Insane move you will ever see! 8:02 End of Match Screen!! 9:34 URP Blur Shader (Shader Graph) 10:04 Polybrush Update (You can skip this part) 10:53 Final thoughts + BIG question for YOU! #Devlog​ #IndieDev​ #zoostrikers #IndieGame​ #Multiplayer​ #3dplatformer #platformer #GameDevelopment​ #Unity​ #Unity3D​ #MadeWithUnity #dev #log