Devlog Ep 24 - Why I'm Going back to Solo Development
Buy or wishlist the game here - Support us on Patreon - -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Devlog Ep 24 - Why I'm Going back to Solo Development This indie devlog recaps the last 10 months since the previous devlog. I talk about game updates, working with the Yogscast for their annual Jingle Jam, and about how I moved back to solo development for the game. Follow along with more devlogs and don't forget to join the Discord if you want to talk more with me about the game! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Play Abbi's team's game, Koala Katrastrophe on -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow the development! Twitch - Discord - Twitter - Facebook - Instagram - Patreon - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Music licensed from Landon Walter Cozy_Vibes via Audio Jungle
This channel is focused on the development of video games. I share development logs, gameplay footage, trailers and even tutorials all related to game dev. Enjoy!
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Grab your friends and set out for adventure in this casual, multiplayer, open world RPG! Collect tons of weapons, spells, mounts and gear through quests, shops and crafting, level up 6 different classes and buy land to build and decorate your own house to settle down in the world of Tirawyn.
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