Moving players in 3D space [Tutorial][C#] - Unity Netcode for Gameobjects 2022
I discuss a very simple implementation of Unity Netcode for GameObjects that results in multiple players being able to join a game sessions, have a running 3D character controller and have their movement / animations synchronized across all clients ►♟️ Learn how to make a Online Multiplayer Chess Game ► ⚔️ FREE Top Down RPG Course: ► 🔑 Authentication tutorial with NodeJS and MongoDB: ► Develop a FULL Mobile Game with the help of my Udemy Course : ► Want to help the EpitomeGames project? You can show your support with an membership! ► Planning to buy from the asset store? use my link! ► Want the files? You can find everything on the website! ► Need help? Join our discord community! Discord 👊 Website 📡 Email me! 📧 Personal channel 🇨🇦 Social Media 🤳 📸 🐦 #multiplayer #gameDev #unity #unityTutorial #n3k #epitome #netcode
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