Host your Unity Multiplayer Games - Local, LAN & Eternal IP
Ready to put your multiplayer game online? You've come to the right place. In this video i'll be addressing different methods to host and connect to your unity multiplayer game, i say Unity, but this concept apply to all engines and all processes connected to the internet. Right, we have three type of connection we can do, Local, Lan and External. Local limits you to your own device, meaning that to test out your game, you will have to boot multiple instance on your machine, and control them all from your computer. LAN stands for local area network, or a simplified way to put it, your Router (few exception applies) This makes it so you can have multiple devices play your game, as long as they're connected to the same router, so maybe your desktop computer, your phone, and your laptop could join the same game session. One cool thing here is that you can go off the grid and play with your co. as long as you're all connected to the same router, without the need to be connected to the internet. And finally, we have External IP. External IP opens up your firewall and router and allow people from outside your LAN to connect to your hosting device. The concept is very simple, but the execution is a bit more complex, because now you have to choose where and how the game will be hosted. Which operating system? which cloud service if any? So many topics, just watch the video (and the next one). Thanks for coming to my ted talk. 0:00 Intro 1:33 Local Hosting Theory 3:08 LAN Hosting Theory 5:58 External IP Hosting Theory 7:58 Local Implementation 10:20 LAN Implementation (Firewall) 13:35 External IP Implementation (Firewall + Port) ►♟️ Learn how to make a Online Multiplayer Chess Game (on Youtube!) ► ⚔️ FREE Top Down RPG Course (on Youtube!): ► Develop a FULL Mobile Game with the help of my Udemy Course : ► Want to help the EpitomeGames project? You can show your support with an membership! ► Planning to buy from the asset store? use my link! ► Want the files? You can find everything on the website! ► Need help? Join our discord community! Discord 👊 Website 📡 Email me! 📧 Personal channel 🇨🇦 Social Media 🤳 📸 🐦 #multiplayer #gameDev #unity #unityTutorial #n3k #epitome
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