GET THE ASSETS: -------------------------------------------------- Daily streams: Updates: Thank you to Emily, Jamal Pennant and MaGetzUb for work on the sound design! -------------------------------------------------- THE ASSETS: Japanese City: Slums 3D Asset: LED Screen Shader: UMotion (to animate): DOTween (tween movement, fading): InTerra (material seam transition): Water Shader: Rainy: RayFire (destruction): Easy Save: Shapes (Vectors): Bones Stimulator (physics animation): Mesh Combine (for optimization): Toon Shader: Curved World: Fantasy Market Pack: Cyberpunk City: Odin Serializer:
Hey, I'm Lana Lux. I make games and stream the development of them. I'm currently working on an apocalyptic city survival called STRAIN. I make videos around game development. If you have any questions or requests on topics, please pop by the stream and let me know! I stream all day, everyday. I'm probably streaming right now:
Currently working on Strain
STRAIN is a story driven survival game taking place in a neon apocalypse. Stuck within the city walls, you must scavenge for resources, craft, cook, fight off raiders and join a faction to work your way to a position of power. The fate of the city rests in your hands.