How to Program in Unity: Observer Pattern Explained
Learn the fundamentals of the Observer Pattern in this new video break down and create a dynamic narration system just like in the game "Bastion" by SuperGiant Games! This tutorial will teach you how to program and design systems in unity that communicate seamlessly while remaining easy to debug, scale, and maintain. Learn the power of decoupled code and elevate your game development skills to the next level! This is a new episode in a growing series on this channel: Programming for Production. In this series, we take relatively complex software development topics and try to explain them in easy-to-understand ways. Let's take our programming skills to the next level! ACCESS PROJECT FILES & SUPPORT THE CHANNEL: 💛 iHeartGameDev Merch: 💛 WANT MORE? Interested in learning more about animating characters in Unity? Check out my growing series of tutorials: ✅ ✦ Like the vid? Please consider Subscribing! ✦ Missed out on the last episode? SOCIAL: ✦ Discord ✦ Twitter ►TIMESTAMPS: 0:00 Intro 0:49 The Problem and Solution 1:24 Coupled Code Explained 1:52 Pseudocode Example 3:43 The Observer Pattern 5:00 Implementing the Observer Pattern 7:58 Bastion Narration System 13:45 Handling Multiple Actions 14:17 Final Result 14:52 Outro Thank you for stopping by and checking out my tutorial -- Hope you all enjoy! Please feel free to leave any questions & feedback you may have. This will help shape the direction and style for upcoming videos! Thanks again for watching! #indiegame #gamedev #indiedev #2023
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