You wanted the game released so I DELETED it… | Indie Devlog
▶ Download Core for free to create and play games today! Hey! Thanks for joining me in this devlog. After two years of game dev on my project, I noticed it had bugs so I remade it. Support the Game: ▶Patreon: ▶Phase I: Come Join the Community: ▶Discord: ▶Website: ▶Twitter: ▶Instagram: @hyvestudios ▶Twitch: The Team: ▶ Zoop: Head Developer/Manager/Video Creator ▶ Perforator: Environment Artist ▶ Carl: Systems Programmer ▶ Excelsius: Character Artist ▶ Christine: Marketing, Legal ▶ TheLonesomeBard: Composer ▶ Cassidy Robiddeaux: SFX Designer ▶ Dennis: Web Developer Today's Video: Hey! Thanks for joining me in this devlog. In the last two years, I have been developing my RPG game where you take back Orc Camps in a creative way. Well in the last month, I noticed how boring the game was, so I remade my entire game in a month. From the movement to the combat system, all of it has been touched... About: Hello! I am an indie game developer working with a couple of others to bring to life my project! I am currently working on a low poly RPG game based off some games such as the souls series and breath of the wild! I have been working on this for quite some time, but I only recently started uploading my progress. The rest of the progress can be found on my discord server! -Credits- Track Name: "Dreams" Music by Dj Quads @ • Official DJ QUads YouTube channel HERE: • DJ QUads Twitter HERE: • DJ QUads Spotify HERE: • DJ QUads Instagram HERE: • Original upload HERE - • Music promoted by NCM: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Green Tea Forest - Leon Chang ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Leavv - Within ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Onion (Prod. by Lukrembo) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shorty in the Bathroom ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wish I'd Stayed - Yusei ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Inspirational Game Developers] Dani - Adding New Weapons to my Game! (Got me into Devlogs) Sam Hogan - I Made Minecraft in 24 Hours (Motivates to work) Michael Kocha - Devlog Ep 14 - Quest Design and Alpha Test Event Results (Reason I pursued Windshire) Brackeys - Making of PARTY KILLER - Ludum Dare 46 (How I learned C#)
Small indie team creating a fantasy action-adventure RPG
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