How We Transformed Our UNITY Indie Game into an EYE-CATCHING Triple-A Game | Devlog #49
JOIN THE GIVEAWAY: ▶Nature Renderer: ▶ Boxophobic's Assets: CHECK OUT VISUAL DESIGN CAFE + BOXOPHOBIC: ▶ Visual Design Cafe/Nature Renderer: ▶Boxophobic: Support the Game: ▶Patreon: ▶Phase I: Come Join the Community: ▶Discord: ▶Website: ▶Twitter: ▶Instagram: @hyvestudios ▶Twitch: The Team: ▶ Zoop: Head Developer/Manager/Video Creator ▶ Perforator: Environment Artist ▶ Carl: Systems Programmer ▶ Excelsius: Character Artist ▶ Christine: Marketing, Legal ▶ TheLonesomeBard: Composer ▶ Cassidy Robiddeaux: SFX Designer ▶ Dennis: Web Developer Today's Video: Today we use secrets from the biggest game studios to break the limitations of Unity, and turn it into the next triple A game. We did use a few paid assets such as, Nature Renderer, The vegetation Engine, Beautify 2, and The Atmopsheric heigh fog. But we have some great news! With the help of these talented developers, we are giving away a few free copies! In addition, we touch upon the struggles I faced while transforming our graphics and some of the future plans I have. About: Hello! I am an indie game developer working with a couple of others to bring to life my project! I am currently working on a low poly RPG game based off some games such as the souls series and breath of the wild! I have been working on this for quite some time, but I only recently started uploading my progress. The rest of the progress can be found on my discord server! -Credits- DJ Quad - Darling AdhesiveWombat - Night Shade GET IT HERE: ***************************************** Music: Retro LSD Artist: DZGRIMX link to the video:​ channel:​... ***************************************** ___________________________________ Music from Free To Use Music Track: Kyoto by Pratzapp & Another Kid​ ___________________________________ [Inspirational Game Developers] Dani - Adding New Weapons to my Game! (Got me into Devlogs) Sam Hogan - I Made Minecraft in 24 Hours (Motivates to work) Michael Kocha - Devlog Ep 14 - Quest Design and Alpha Test Event Results (Reason I pursued Windshire) Brackeys - Making of PARTY KILLER - Ludum Dare 46 (How I learned C#)
Small indie team creating a fantasy action-adventure RPG
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