Adding A WORLD MAP To My Monster Game + DEMO Infos - ComCreatures Devlog 007 #gamedev #devlog
Join the "ComCreature"-Discord HERE: Find the project over at: Twitter: Here is the seventh devlog! I've been working on the combat system - making its visuals more impactful as well as work on several other features. Music by: 00:00 - Intro 00:29 - Changes: Combat System 01:20 - Player Testing 01:39 - Discord 01:50 - Changes: Backgrounds 02:00 - Changes: World Map 02:14 - Future Plans 02:36 - Outro 02:40 - Endcard ____ In this world, ComCreatures are helpful digital pets that are installed via floppy disks. In order for them to perform their job well, you take care of them and train them. People like to outsource malware protection to ComCreatures. Traverse cyber systems deafeating pesky malicious software, triggering events, gaining experience and items. You can merge two ComCreatures together to make a stronger one - or maybe find a completly new special variant of ComCreature! ComCreatures is my passion project. I am aiming to create a creature collection game heavily inspired by titles such as Dragon Warrior Monsters, Digimon and Pokémon. The creatures specifically are inspired by the former, but are unique in the way that their visual features are randomly generated.
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