Is There Another Game That Does This? - Devlog
Please subscribe if you want to follow the game’s development! 📖 CHAPTERS 0:00 - Intro 0:15 - About me 1:05 - What is a Blacksmith Card game??? 2:33 - Getting some Cards on the Board 4:05 - Crafting Items by Merging Cards 4:40 - Raising a Tower in the Swamp This is my devlog for Anvil of Tristheim - a blacksmith card game where you get to create equipment for heroes and see how it holds up. In this video I’m getting us to move and place cards, craft our first items and build some of the levels where your customers will go questing. 🔗 LINKS “Building Better Crafting Systems” by Adam Millard: “Crafting is (kinda) pointless” by Razbuten: “Drag & Drop Tutorial” by quill18creates: “Why Do So Many Games Have Tanks, Healers and DPS?” by Adam Millard: YouTube subscribe animation: 🎮 MY OTHER GAMES Crux: The Great Outdoors Steam: iOS: Android: One Million Miles iOS: #devlog #gamedev #indiedev #unity