We made Assassin's Creed in Unity

Unity Parkour & Climbing System Course - https://fantaco.de/unity-parkour-system Third Person Controller Tutorial - https://youtu.be/DXw9QhsjlME A while back, me and my colleague decided to try and recreate Assassins Creed in Unity and in about a months time we were able to create a basic prototype with core features like - Freeflow Combat System with combos, Counter attacks, Enemy AI, etc. - Parkour & Climbing System with which the player can traverse the level. 0:00 - Intro 0:33 - Third Person Controller 0:59 - Parkour & Climbing System 5:40 - Creating the level 6:53 - Combat System 9:18 - Combos 9:50 - Enemy AI 11:19 - Battle Circle / Freeflow Combat 12:48 - Final Result
Hi, my name is Athul. I'm a Software Engineer who is passionate about Game Programming The problem I'm trying to solve Most of the unity tutorials on youtube are beginner-level that focuses on creating something without considering good practices, design patterns, etc. This is fine when you're making a small game like flappy bird, but for bigger games (like an RPG), it's important to architect it in a scalable way using design patterns and good development practices, otherwise, it will become too messy and frustrating to work on as it grows. I focus on creating intermediate-level tutorial series that covers the creation of games using a good and scalable architecture. Before making a tutorial, I make sure the code is clean and readable. Tutorial series I'm working on Turn-Based RPG like Pokemon in Unity - In this series, I've covered topics like turn-based battle systems, grid-based movement, random encounters with wild pokemon, storing the data of pokemon as scriptable objects