We made an Advanced Parkour & Climbing System Asset for Unity

The asset is on a new-release discount (30%) on the asset store right now. Check it out here: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/slug/258182 We've created an advanced Parkour and Climbing system for unity and we've launched it in the asset store. The parkour system has predictive jumping that will automatically detect points to which the player can jump and execute precise jumps to reach them. The climbing system uses a mix of authored and procedural animations to adapt to dynamic climbing environments while looking realistic. Key Features - Predictive Jumping: Automatically detect and jump to obstacles in front of the player. - Hang on ledges and jump or shimmy between them based on their distance. - Uses Inverse Kinematics (IK) to place the hands and feet dynamically while climbing. - Supports Braced Hang and Free Hang climbs, and the player can transition between them seamlessly. - Supports climbing on ledges placed at different angles. - Automatically perform different parkour actions based on height and type of the obstacle - Bake climb points (points on which the player can climb) into your level with a single click. - Contains 32 climbing animations and 14 Parkour animations
Hi, my name is Athul. I'm a Software Engineer who is passionate about Game Programming The problem I'm trying to solve Most of the unity tutorials on youtube are beginner-level that focuses on creating something without considering good practices, design patterns, etc. This is fine when you're making a small game like flappy bird, but for bigger games (like an RPG), it's important to architect it in a scalable way using design patterns and good development practices, otherwise, it will become too messy and frustrating to work on as it grows. I focus on creating intermediate-level tutorial series that covers the creation of games using a good and scalable architecture. Before making a tutorial, I make sure the code is clean and readable. Tutorial series I'm working on Turn-Based RPG like Pokemon in Unity - In this series, I've covered topics like turn-based battle systems, grid-based movement, random encounters with wild pokemon, storing the data of pokemon as scriptable objects