How To Create Beautiful Orbs in Unity - VFX Tutorial
On this Stylized Orb Unity tutorial I'm gonna show you a very nice trick to get awesome stylized effects! This Unity tutorial uses VFX Graph, Shader Graph, Blender, Material Maker and a little bit of magic. *ASSET STORE SALE* : 00:00 Intro 01:08 Orb Overview 01:35 Orb Duration 02:30 Orb Background 04:31 Orb Core 05:30 Floating Particles 07:58 Orb Sphere 08:58 Blender Sphere 10:24 Orb Shader 15:24 Material Maker Voronoi Texture 17:34 Orb Shader Scroll 18:27 End Results ------------------------- STYLIZED ORBS PROJECT: OR HERE: ------------------------- *Courses* ✦VFX GRAPH - BEGINNER: ✦VFX GRAPH - INTERMEDIATE: ✦VFX FOR GAMES - BEGINNER: ✦VFX STYLIZED EXPLOSION: *VFX Assets Packages* Unique Projectiles Vol 1: Unique Projectiles Vol 2: Unique Projectiles Vol 3: VFX Graph - Mega Pack - Vol 1: VFX Graph - Mega Pack - Vol 2: VFX Graph - Mega Pack - Vol 3: VFX Graph - Mega Pack - Vol 4: VFX Graph - Ultra Mega Pack -Vol.1: *VFX Graph Tutorials* VFX Graph - Magic Orb: VFX Graph - Weapon Effects: VFX Graph - Portals: VFX Graph - Flamethrower: VFX Graph - Loot Drop: VFX Graph - Lightning: VFX Graph - Muzzle Flash: VFX Graph - Hits N Impacts: VFX Graph - Heat Distortion: VFX Graph - Ice Attack: VFX Graph - Stylized Fire: *Shader Graph Tutorials* Shader Graph - Fire Flames: Shader Graph - Laser Beam: Shader Graph - Fire: Shader Graph - Tornado: Shader Graph - Blood: Shader Graph - Waterfall: Shader Graph - Galaxy: Shader Graph - Ground Cracks: Shader Graph - Grow Shader: Shader Graph - Interactive Snow: Shader Graph - Liquid Shader: Shader Graph - Glowing Crystals: Shader Graph - Clouds: *Other VFX Videos* Glowing Orb: Projectile Raycast: Weapon Trails: Destroy / Explode Objects: Dragon Ball Aura: Loot Box: Valorant - Phoenix Fire Wall: Shoot Projectiles in FPS: Valorant - Sage's Wall: Doom Eternal - BFG-9000 VFX: Demon's Souls - Disintegrate Enemies: Overwatch - Reinhardt's Shield: Enjoy and feel free to ask any questions you may have, I'll answer as quickly as possible. And don't forget to like and subscribe. Thank you! ✦ Follow on TWITTER: ✦ Like on FACEBOOK: ✦ Subscribe On YOUTUBE: #lightning #unity #gaming #gamedev #tutorial #vfx #madewithunity #visualeffects #shaders
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