Creating the same Visual Effect in all of them!
A video about creating the same Visual Effect in 3 different Game Engines! Let's compare Unity 2022.3 vs Unreal Engine 5.3 vs Godot 4.1 when it comes to VFX tools and workflow. Flare Texture: 00:00 Intro 00:21 VFX Tools Overview 01:33 Sparks in Unity Particle System 06:29 Sparks in Unreal Engine Niagara 13:38 Sparks in Godot Particle System 22:32 End Credits ------------------------- PATREON: OR GAP MARKETPLACE: ------------------------- *Unity Courses* ✦VFX GRAPH - BEGINNER: ✦VFX GRAPH - INTERMEDIATE: ✦VFX FOR GAMES - BEGINNER: ✦VFX STYLIZED EXPLOSION: *UE Courses* ✦UE 5 VFX FOR GAMES - BEGINNER: ✦UE 5 STYLIZED EXPLOSION: *soon* *Unity VFX Assets Packages* Unique Projectiles Vol 1: Unique Projectiles Vol 2: Unique Projectiles Vol 3: VFX Graph - Mega Pack - Vol 1: VFX Graph - Mega Pack - Vol 2: VFX Graph - Mega Pack - Vol 3: VFX Graph - Mega Pack - Vol 4: VFX Graph - Ultra Mega Pack -Vol.1: *UE VFX Assets Packages* Magic Projectiles Vol 1: Magic Projectiles Vol 2: Magic Projectiles Vol 3: Niagara Mega Pack - Vol 1: Enjoy and feel free to ask any questions you may have, I'll answer as quickly as possible. And don't forget to like and subscribe. Thank you! ✦ Follow on TWITTER: ✦ Join our DISCORD: ✦ Subscribe On YOUTUBE: #unity #unrealengine #godot #niagara #tutorial #gamedev #ue5 #vfx #visualeffects
Mostly focused on Visual Effects for Games, but it recently started a Indie Gamedev journey: All my assets are available on Patreon, some, exclusively. By supporting me you get rewards and you keep the channel alive :) Patreon: Discord: Enjoy! GAP - 16/09/16
Rabbit's Tale
Currently working on Rabbit's Tale
The tale of a Rabbit that goes in search of his family after they were kidnapped by the Steam Order which has an oppressive dominion over his world. But, along the way, something very mystical and dark happens to our hero.