They Forced me To Update my Game! | Dead From Beyond Devlog Finale
It's done. My Cod Zombies clone is done for real this time. It was never supposed to go on for this long, but here we are. That's game development for you :| Dead From Beyond development is over. ➤ Free Download - ➤ My discord server - ➤ Episode 1 - ➤ Episode 2 - ➤ Episode 3 - ➤ Episode 4 - ➤ A trailer showcasing the game in a minute - Music: Evan King - Weekly Loops Season 2 and Weekly Loops Season 3 // This is the last zombie devlog episode. I'm actually done with this game. If I ever decide to revisit this idea (cod zombies lol) then I'll start from scratch. // PC SPECS: GTX 1060 6GB Ryzen 7 5700G 16GB RAM // So after being challenged by "M/S Gamer" to make a Cod Zombies game, I finally finished the clone. Took me a whole whooping 11 months to finish it tho. I worked on it on and off, but overall spent a lot of time on this game. So I hope you like the results. // Just some tags or something ;) Made with Unity. Indie devlog Game devlog Unity devlog Zombies Cod Zombies Call of Duty Zombies clone Horde Shooter Game development I made a game #unity #gamedev #indiegame #gamedevelopment #unity3d #madewithunity #indiedev