DESORDRE : Energy Bridge & Portals - UnrealEngine5 #WIP #UE5
DESORDRE is a first-person puzzle game, inspired by the Portal series, in which you solve each puzzle by traveling through two timelines the same room. You have at your disposal a portal gun and the ability to slow down time. The game is made by one person. Wishlist DESORDRE : A Puzzle Game Adventure on steam : Twitter : #desordre #desordregameplay #unrealengine5 #UE5 #shkinteractive #nanite #lumen
SHK Interactive french solo indie game developer.
DESORDRE : A Puzzle Game Adventure
Currently working on DESORDRE : A Puzzle Game Adventure
Immerse yourself in the multidimensional universe of Desordre. Solve intricate puzzles, push the boundaries of 4-dimensional thinking. Get ready for a unique experience where reflection takes on a whole new dimension. Created by one-man development studio SHK Interactive using Unreal Engine.