DESORDRE : Demo now available on steam ! #unrealengine5
Demo available here : DESORDRE is a first-person puzzle game that challenges you to think in 4 dimensions. Play as a survivor of the U.S.G. Vigilant and navigate through mysterious parallel universes. Play with gravity, time, and dimensions to solve complex puzzles and uncover the secrets of this fascinating universe. Made with Unreal Engine 5.
SHK Interactive french solo indie game developer.
DESORDRE : A Puzzle Game Adventure
Currently working on DESORDRE : A Puzzle Game Adventure
Immerse yourself in the multidimensional universe of Desordre. Solve intricate puzzles, push the boundaries of 4-dimensional thinking. Get ready for a unique experience where reflection takes on a whole new dimension. Created by one-man development studio SHK Interactive using Unreal Engine.