They Sent Me WHAT?!
okay gamers i waited a long time for this and it was worth the wait... ➤ Wishlist my Game - ➤ REDDIT - ➤ Twitter - ➤ Instagram - ➤ Discord - ➤ Facebook - ➤ Music: Context Sensitive - Ooga ( MDK - Jelly Castle Orchestral Mix ( Context Sensitive Youtube: Free Download: MDK Youtube: Free Download: Previous videos: New video on the main channel: Dani - Adding a Giant Crab to my Game So Netflix doesn't Sue me Dani2 - He Stole my Game and Released it on Mobile... Dani2 - He Stole My Game, and made a cringe mobile Ad with it... Dani2 - They Made a Better Version of My Game?? Dani2 - You made me do this... Dani2 - They Used MY FACE in a Mobile Game Ad?? #Dani #CrabGame #MilkGang