I Made Only Up Into a Multiplayer Game

I turned popular rage game "Only Up!" into a Multiplayer game... in just 5 days. It's called SolelyHigher. ➤BECOME A MEMBER: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz3l6nyODzXLzTxIkARZ8rw/join ➤PLAY THE GAME: https://barji.itch.io/solely-higher ➤SOCIAL MEDIA: Second Channel: @BarjiLIVE Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/barji Discord: https://discord.gg/uhgngTK Twitter: https://twitter.com/BarjiYT Itch.io: https://barji.itch.io ➤Things/Friends in the video: Dani: https://www.youtube.com/c/DaniDev/ (Look at me helping out small creators ;) ) ➤Similar Videos: Barji - Making a Multiplayer Steam Game in 3 Months! https://youtu.be/udXo0m3ioMI Barji - Making My DREAM Video Game! https://youtu.be/Lqvao6swRSY Barji - Making My DREAM Parkour Game! https://youtu.be/NfpiWSZtVjI Dani - He said I Couldn't Make a 3D Game... So I Made One! https://youtu.be/rb0EhmyQ0aM Dev Duck - Starting Development of My Dream Game https://youtu.be/k5bb1IRzJbQ ➤ Bruh Paragraph I created a video game in 24 HOURS (Not Really) it was more like 5 days. This is a game like minecraft except without the mining or crafting. This game is like only up popularized by youtube streamer ludwig mogul mail. #Barji #GameDev #SolelyHigher
Currently working on Grapple
Grapple is a parkour game built for speedrunning. You're tasked to reach the end of the level only with the aid of a grappling hook & glider.
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