I Made My DREAM VR Game!

➤Visit ​http://brilliant.org/Barji/ to get started learning STEM for free, and the first 200 people will get 20% off their annual premium subscription. ➤Download Grapple for FREE (You don't need a VR :) ): https://store.steampowered.com/app/1428870/Grapple/ I created a VR Parkour grappling game that YOU can play right now for FREE. It's called Grapple. The VR version will come in a later update :) ➤Social Media: Discord: https://discord.gg/uhgngTK Twitter: https://twitter.com/BarjiYT Itch.io: https://barji.itch.io Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Barji ➤Things/Friends in the video: Dani: https://www.youtube.com/c/DaniDev/ (Look at me helping out small creators ;) ) ➤Chapters: 0:00 - Intro 0:37 - What is Grapple? 0:50 - Getting Started 1:36 - Adding VR 4:17 - The Maps 4:33 - World 1 6:27 - World 2 7:27 - World 3 8:00 - Menu 8:20 - Achievements 8:37 - Brilliant ➤Similar Videos: Barji - Making a Multiplayer Steam Game in 3 Months! https://youtu.be/udXo0m3ioMI Barji - Making My DREAM Video Game! https://youtu.be/Lqvao6swRSY Barji - Making My DREAM Parkour Game! https://youtu.be/NfpiWSZtVjI Dani - He said I Couldn't Make a 3D Game... So I Made One! https://youtu.be/rb0EhmyQ0aM Dev Duck - Starting Development of My Dream Game https://youtu.be/k5bb1IRzJbQ ➤ Bruh Paragraph I created a video game in 24 HOURS (Not Really) it was more like ONE MONTH or 1 MONTH. This is a game like minecraft except without the mining or crafting. Dream plays minecraft with MrBeast and Technoblade. This game is called Grapple and is similar to Cluster Truck and Karlson and other Parkour related games. This video was sponsored by Brilliant #Barji #GameDev #Grapple
Currently working on Grapple
Grapple is a parkour game built for speedrunning. You're tasked to reach the end of the level only with the aid of a grappling hook & glider.
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