I Made a Game in Total Isolation

I spent 48 Hours in Total Isolation Making a Video Game. I had limited food, less than sanitary conditions, and a mission. Become a Member: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz3l6nyODzXLzTxIkARZ8rw/join ➤Social Media: Second Channel: @BarjiLIVE Kick: https://kick.com/barji Discord: https://discord.gg/uhgngTK Twitter: https://twitter.com/BarjiYT Itch.io: https://barji.itch.io ➤Similar Videos: Barji - I Turned Manhunt Into a Multiplayer Game! https://youtu.be/HgrFyitP4bo Barji - Making My DREAM Video Game! https://youtu.be/Lqvao6swRSY PolyMars - I Made a Game Illegally https://youtu.be/D1CKDpdsOTQ PolyMars - My Worst Game Dev Job https://youtu.be/4jnhXn9fpYs PolyMars - Anything You Code, I'll Pay For! https://youtu.be/jmmtBA3aKfo ➤Bruh Paragraph: I Made a Game in 24 Hours but actually 48 Hours. This time PolyMars was not involved and neither was Dani. We were in a forest like in Barji's Grapple, you also find Mushrooms in a forest like in Mushy.
Currently working on Grapple
Grapple is a parkour game built for speedrunning. You're tasked to reach the end of the level only with the aid of a grappling hook & glider.
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